Team Magiko is Looking for talented people to join our team in making a very interac
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    Team Magiko is Looking for talented people to join our team in making a very interac

    Hello im the lead creator/charecter designer for magivolve Me and my team to make a

    very interactive mmorpg with a battle system like street fighter and a rpg combined

    we are currently looking for talented people to join our growing team were curently

    looking for

    animation artist

    chibi charecter artist

    Someone one to create a logo

    Background artist

    a pixel artist to do all the icons

    People with good ideas for the main site

    People to do pin up art for the site and for the game loading screens

    interface artist

    if anyone is thtersted let me know.

    this is the site address you can click this link or the picture

    everything isnt up on the site yet but the forum is working
    so post there if you can

    this is a screen i put together to give you an idea how it will look but trust me the

    finished product will be better then that screen

    heres some pixel animation i did for my gamer

    this a a full veiw i drew of the charecter this is how he looks later in the game

    heres a little about the game

    Magivolve online

    Ok heres what it going to be about. Magivolve online is mainly about trying to

    survive life in a world that really has no time period there is all types of things

    in magivolve midevil things future type stuff and even things that are from the

    prehistoric era this is a world that is vast with unlimited possibility’s and is very

    fun. You start as a normal teenager boy or girl in the country of malaunis, gulmist

    or liaminia and you just finished high school and its time to get a job so the main

    objective is to find ways to make money. You start off with money that your parents

    game you to start your life. And with that money you buy an apartment. There are many

    skills you can learn and many ways to make money in magivolve. These are the ways to

    make money

    World protection groups- thes are the men and women that protect the country from the

    most dangerous threats that include killing historic demons, normal demons and uneven

    spirits, keeping dragons in check, stoping un expected attacks from the valid land (

    will explain later in this doc.) Stoping mad men and evil scientist and taking on

    the most dangerous missions. Different groups have certin expectations of its

    soldiers and some missions require you to be in a certin group and a certin skill

    level and base level
    Heres where I layed out the groups and how they run

    The Riunshin Guard – the Riunshin guard this the starting point for all men and

    women thinking about becoming a soldier. In magivolve in order to use a weapon you

    must first get the license for it and in order to get the license you must take a

    basic, advance or expert test depending on the weapon . and in the Riunshin they take

    you thru boot camp which is located in mysliya mountains where you learn the basics

    of fightin and you take basic weapons test for the sword, dagger and gun. the only

    weapon you don’t need a license for is your fist. But for that you must learn the

    skill of martial arts. And in Riunshin your taught the basic martial arts but to

    advance you must advance to higher groups. After your finished boot camp your given a

    medal to show you’re a lvl one soldier (this doesn’t affect your base lvl) your sent

    back to your country where you take on jobs and missions.

    The lamunis guild – this is basicly the same as the Riunshin guard but its in gulmist

    the difference is that gulmist being more advanced in tec the wepons are different.

    But you goto the same boot camp as the Riunshin soldiers and the martial arts is the

    same the difference is that there weapons are more energy based. Light swords, sound

    dagger, laser guns. In this group there is a dress code thou everyone must wear the

    proper attire when
    At lvl 1 untill they advance to a different group.

    Tagashi kalve guard – this is the same as the Riunshin and the lamunis but its in

    kiaminia and this is the land o magic there boot camp is the same place as Riunshin

    and lamunis.
    But the weapons are based on net operation. Net operation is how magic is run and is

    magivolves main sorce of magic it runs off the internet and the weapons are magic

    based cell phones intelel staff and internet polgs . Natural magic users do exist

    they are called scripters and magipoets. But those are hard to learn and most of its

    teachers have become old and barely teach it anymore but its said that a full fleged

    scripter or a magipoet can change the world at their will. People are thinking maybe

    that’s the way the great creator came about in the middle of the world. Magivolve has

    a terrible past.

    ill give More info when asked

    ok here are the backgrounds that we need very badly because its the begging of the

    game where the player beggins after your parents put you out the give you money for

    an apartment and this is the appartment and the room

    This is the rooms blank in you have to color the rooms in different layers because

    the room is going to be custimzable and plus if the objects are on a different layer

    charecter can interact with them and plus we can cut and paste objects when we need


    now this is the room when it has the objects in a different layer. so if someone

    decides to help us with this project please color the object in a different layer

    now this is the bed room the same things apply as the other room

    these are images from a game called saga frontier for playstation 2 i posted as


    these are refrences from saga frontier this is the coloring style were going for
    but if you have any other ideas you dont need the refrences we dont need that much

    detail but it woild be nice

    Feel free to be creative i cant express that enuff

    Name of the company is magi

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    this sounds good, according to the reference supplied i can most likely do backgrounds or simply just design the logo. let me know. thank you.

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