Sketchbook: Mime's sketchbook (update 11/06)

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    Mime's sketchbook (update 11/06)

    Hya everyone, ok i will stop to bother you with thousands of new threads everytime i have 2 life drawing to show ... and i will have this one thread for life drawings and everyday sketches ...

    the 3 first sketches are older (more than 1 week)
    i am heavily trying to have a more personal approach in my drawings ... in my lines, in the general "style" even if i know that i must still learn to draw in a realistic way ...
    But when i look at the 3 first drawings, i think "well thats quite boring"
    i need to think more when drawing, to think about the proportions, to think about where i want the line to go, to think about what i want the drawing to tell, etc ...
    thats hard !

    well i only realized that after i did this life drawing last week :

    it had much more life, even if the lines were maybe less accurate ... and it was more "my drawing" than anything else i had done.

    well i am rambling, i guess this thread is made for that

    so anyone, tell anything you want to tell, everything is good to hear.

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