Just wondering if anyone here can point me to a very good to professional level "Color Management System", preferably software....but open to hardware also. I'm looking for something not specificly catered to CRT monitors, something which could support profiles for both LCD or CRT if needed. Hardware "kelvin" detection devices aren't greatly needed here, but some kind of means to relate external devices, and ICC profiles to that of my monitors would help a great deal.

I'm just basicly looking to tweak my monitors for best color, and then maybe go on to color match my printer, scanner, and such. An explaination? I've added a great deal of hardware recently and am finding it very hard getting consistant results form each piece of equipment. What I see on my monitor doesn't come out exact on my printer. What I see on paper|film....doesn't appear the same on my monitor. And vice versa, so on, and whatever. Besides that my monitors have decided to go back to default settings (Nvidia Color Correction) thingy, and it's seeming impossible to get them to match again, though they are identical in size and build except one is OEM and the other store logo'ed.

Also, if you know of another simple or cheaper method of doing so, please let me know.

Thanks for any help.