Start-up production company seeking talented undiscovered concept artist to produce monster concepts for in-development horror-screenplay. We need an artist who's sharp, simultaneously gifted, hungry and justifiably arrogant, and most importantly, able and willing to take a written description and turn it into something that would wow the likes of Tom Savini or Rob Bottin. If that's you, and you count these artists among your influences...Bob Eggleton, Gerald Brom, Greg Loudon, Luis Royo, John Bolton and Dorian Cleavenger...then we want to hear from you.

THE SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS will be asked to submit a custom sketch created from a verbal description.

THE SELECTED ARTIST will be retained to create drawings on request as the screenplay progresses.

COMPENSATION: Since the artwork will require a signed confidentiality agreement, we are offering $$$ compensation (though being a start-up, our fee scale falls into the no-budget “honorarium” category). The selected artist will be paid an agreed-upon negotiated rate depending on the number of pieces requested and complexity of the artwork. A written arrangement will also be made for credit and more substantial compensation should the project find its way to the screen.

SUBMISSIONS: Send submissions ONLY if the above falls into your personal realm of cool.
1. At least THREE samples of your work, preferably monsters, in the style we asked for. This is hands-down the most important aspect of your submission. If you don't have the vision, the next two won't matter.
2. A paragraph about you, including your influences and how you identify with our ideal artist description. Also note your experience with concept art.
3. A list of where your drawings have appeared/been published/been exhibited. This could include websites, books, galleries, and any other venues. This isn't as important as 1 and 2, but it will tell us something about you.

Send the above to us via one of the following:
- An e-mail with a link to a web site where your work appears.
- Low-res files sent via e-mail (no one file more than 100 kb)
- Snail mail (Write to us for the address...and no in-person deliveries!)

Remember we'll need all three steps to consider your submission! If you just send a link to your web site with no letter or publication list, we'll figure you didn't read the advertisement and that you're not serious.

ArsonPlus Entertainment
Attn: Jacque Day Archer
(Put SUBMISSION in the subject line)

Queries to Jacque Day Archer at
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No phone calls. No hand-deliveries. Thanks and good luck!