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    Is Going Digital More Environmentally Friendly?

    I just got hit by this other post in the sketch forum.

    So, is going digital really more environmentally friendly? We're not killing trees yeah?

    I got my own views on this....want to find out more numbers before I post my views but its somewhere along the lines of "no difference".

    Be cool to hear what everyone else says.
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    it certainly reduces the use of harmful chemicals... varnishes, turps, and health issues related to long term exposure to them.

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    Digital -
    Resources to manufacture computer components low level (glass, plastics, metals) and high level (manufacturing plants of components most likely based in a country with less than strict environmental discharge policies i.e. Mexico).

    Also factor in power costs and use for manufacturing plants. Those machines aren't run by elves!

    Coal/Nuclear/Hydro power to operate computer. Probably aren't using solar or wind power. I believe hyrdo is the least harmful of the three if you discount environmental damage from altered water tables, silt pollution and species damage from flooded regions. See Yangtze River or even the current debate about the Colorado River. Coal and nuclear definately have higher air pollutants.

    Analog -

    Resources to manufacture paper, wood(recycling actually has made a difference here), water and bleaches(the US has changed their emissions policies - consider it worse in other countries). Add manufacturing environmental costs, power for the paper plants.

    Fossil fuels for the logging operations.

    Air pollutants from the logging operations.

    Let's say you use one pencil - manufacturing costs, similiar emissions from logging operations as paper. I'm guessing they get the lead from some kind of mining operation, probably some processing that uses fossil fuels as well.

    I don't really know... but tech garbage(old computers/printers/monitors, etc.) is becoming a huge problem. People just don't know how to recycle them.

    With the exception of the hard drive computers should last a long time, but the market drives new technology and loves a consumer that upgrades.

    I think the environmental cost footprint of a sketchbook/pencil is smaller - if produced on a local scale. Only because right now I would guess the environmental impact of paper production is larger than just the raw manufacturing of computers, disregarding the cost of power.

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