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    3 weeks off soon need help...

    Im going to have 3 weeks off after all the exams and crap. I want to use these 3 weeks to get as much (worthwhile) drawing as i can out of them and im also gonna be posting them on here. I dunno if i should post some work for where im at atm, but i would like some advice on what you think I should start on to get the most out of it. I do know i need to work on rendering more, and shading, OH and ESPECIALLY color. What i want to do most though is study the human figure ALOT more and clothes and style. Any tips on where i should start for a sketchbook would be of great help. I already have a sketch book set aside for this I just need a road to travel on so i dont get lost, if you know what i mean? Thanx in advance. My goal is to get as good as i can at drawing for 3d/2d animation. I have a ton of stories in my head and Id like to learn to sketch good and fast to get the style on paper. Ive always dreamed of making Sci Fi cartoons.

    Which another question comes to mind. How did some of you guys become soo good at drawing ships and futuristic citys. Thanx again.


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    Go ahead and post

    I say go ahead and post. Show a progression of what you have done now and what you have accomplished in the future. The people here will eb very helpful and critque honestly. Best of luck...
    QTF IMI.... It's a MI thing!

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    Hey that sounds like a very good idea to do. Try to cram as much in as you can! I have a 3 week period coming up too after my last finals, and I think you've inspired me to do the same!

    My suggestion would be to first get reference and draw like crazy! Maybe find a place where you can draw off a live model (that's what I'm intent on doing) to give a good solid concept in your mind of the human body.

    Good luck to you, and now I'm really starting to look forward to the coming 3 weeks too!

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    i go to borders often and walk through the magazine aisles and pick up lots of random magazines that would seem like good reference. Don't be afraid to pick up chicks magazines for clothed/fashion reference. sometimes i get like..snowboarder mags, paintball mags, GQ, muscle and fitness mags..whatever. skateboard mags can be good for action shots. photography mags will have interesting stuff too for sure.

    I just get a pile of magazines and sit myself down in a corner and draw in my's free

    this is good if you don't expect to get live models to sit for you all the time

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