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  • Letraset Pantone Tria

    3 8.33%
  • Prismacolor

    19 52.78%
  • Kuretake Kurecolor

    0 0%
  • Copic Art Markers

    12 33.33%
  • Other Brands

    2 5.56%
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    Favourite Art Markers.

    Which are you favourite Brands?

    I'm a Copic person myself....have been using them for almost a decade now and even my old marker still works wonders (with refills of course).
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    I used design markers (pointed nib) for 2 summers doing caricatures, you can get crazy line weights with those... but they stopped making them. lots and lots of exposure to xylene with those suckers.

    the copics are cool, but they weren't suited for the heavy use that a caricature stand had... the tips would break every other day for me. But for casual use, they're great.

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    I´m still a fan of the "AD markers". I learned to layout with them back in the 80´s and I think they are still the only solvent-based (Xylene?) markers left on the market. Especially for getting smooth transitions I found them better than any alcohol based markers I know. Of course there are health risks and you have to be a bit careful with them (I still remember fondly the drugged up condition I had after doing an A3 gradient with them and additional solvent).

    Anyway I´m using mostly Copic markers at work because they are much easier to get and the demands in the ads aren´t so high on markers anymore.

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    hehe ad markers fucking rock, hehe you can still get em in some places oh yea and prismas for me conventionally... dont like letrasets and copics are harder to find for me. Havent used any of the others
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    I use Prismacolors. I've never really tried anything else though and I hear that a lot of people say that Prismacolors dry out quicker. Can anyone confirm this? What brands last longer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exo
    I use Prismacolors. I've never really tried anything else though and I hear that a lot of people say that Prismacolors dry out quicker. Can anyone confirm this? What brands last longer?
    I refill my Pantone Tria markers all the time so I guess they would last the longest of any sets that I use.

    I use practically all of the sets. Pantones for large areas and sketching. Copics for their greys. Prismacolor for their earthtones. I've got so many sets around here it's not even funny, but I use each one for its strengths in color. All of my "coloring" markers are laserprinter/ copier toner friendly and my "drawing" markers are usually the ones that are toxic.

    Hell, I still own an old set of glass encased Berol Magic markers, a few cans of Flo-Master, some square Pantone markers and I still use the ol' black Design Markers- especially the 229LF & LU's! Great line quality to those markers. There aren't too many marker sets that I haven't tried at least once with.

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