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Thread: what major?

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    what major?

    so, another intro. im 20 and ahve been taking art classes/gen ed classes so im ready to transfer next problem is, i dont know what major. i am interested in so many random subjects i dont know where to start. for one, i draw incesantly- mostly comic-arty stuff but some more realistic stuff (ie, more concept art stuff). i am also a scuptor- done big stuff (ie, steel arts and what could be considered more "fine art") and alot of more detailed sculpey stuff like the stuff ive seen here and in the ILM museum (knew a coupla people that worked there...lucky me). i am also a car nut, and would love automotive design, or industrial design, but im afraid my portfolio wont show it- most of the stuff in my portfolio is B&w illustration & comics stuff, with some paintings. ive never ahd the chance to play with 3d animation, but im fidling with Maya int he last few days (ie, since tuesday) becuase my roomate has it on his computer. i am very interested in movie effects. ive known more proffesional 3D modelors, animators, texture artists, and level designers than i can count and so have a *little* knowladge and experience from watching them work all the time (ie, i can tell the difference between a good/bad model)
    this might sound concieted, but these are what i consider my 5 top strengths:
    1. im very good with anatomy- i can spot if somethings off and fix it right away.
    2. i am a very, very fast learner and i can work in any "style"
    3. i am dedicated and passionate about my art (ok, not that uncomon, but still)
    4. i have what i consider a very good sense of design- ie, weighting, line, composition, color, form, flow, etc.
    5. i can work in any medium.

    ok, there are my strengths, here are what i consider my weaknesses:
    1. i have trouble staying in one style for extended periods of time (on my own stuff..i have a feeling it might be different for school or work)
    2. my portfolio doesnt have alot of diversity becuase i dont have the facilities to do much but draw, and not many COMPLETELY finished pieces (not much color)
    3. dont have ANY academic experience w/ 3D (ok, one class)
    4. i didnt have a good GPA until 2 semesters ago (now at 3.2-3.5)
    5. have an eclectic academic backround (moved around alot)

    alright, heres what i want out of art school:
    1. to come out with some sort of marketable skill as well as more knowladge in illustration. get some generall education with art education (not REQUIRED, but it would be nice)
    3. to have teachers that enjoy what theyre doing ( ive had teachers that were considered *bad* teachers but i liked them because they were enthusiastic)
    4. to have working knowladge in more than one medium
    5. to have a good lead to a job or apprentaship right away.

    the place im looking at right now is Parsons, with thier illustration major with an animation also applying to CCA and ringling, and looking at CCS and SVA. I have guarenteed admission to SF state (input on this would be great)

    if anyone has any info on a school that i might not have heard of..let me know..time is of the essence and i really, really want to go to school where i can learn as much as possible. it might sound cheesy, but what im really addicted to is learning. thats right, im hard core.
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    Well it looks as though you're pretty honest with yourself in figuring out your strengths & weaknesses. You obviously have some sort of vague idea as to what you want to go into. As far as choosing schools, I'd suggest by looking on their websites for starters. Here's a link to a host of major art schools across the nation:

    From your initial web search, I'd request a catalog and then out of the ones that interest you, I'd try to make a visit to the campus if at all possible. Be armed with as much knowledge about the place you're going to and have ANY questions answered before applying there.

    Things I would seriously consider looking at are:

    -how's the level of the student artwork? See what's in the hallways NOW (not the latest greatest they want to show you on the website & catalogs) and see if it challenges you. Why go to a place and be the big fish in a little pond? You WANT to be pushed not just by the instructors at that place but by other students.

    -are the faculty in their department working professionals in the field or are they professional educators reading up on theory and regurgitating the info with their own spin? Go for the working professionals because they have the links to the real world that you'll be joining in four years. You want first hand knowledge of the trends and things happening NOW.

    -where are their graduates working? Are they in the field you want to be in? Don't fall for that number that says 95% of our graduates are working immediately after graduation- Taco Bell does NOT count as immediate employment in my book. The school's alumni base should be counted upon to get you work after your graduation.

    -what are the facilities like? Do they have access to up-to-date computers? Like it or not, technology is going to be a part of illustration and you'll have to learn at least SOME computer skills.

    These are just some of the things to consider. Ultimately it's your gut decision that will help you choose an art school. Good luck.

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