Hello, I'm a swedish student that just registered to this forum and well I have a dilemma. I really, really wan't to become a concept artist or something in that trade, that allows me to work with art.
It is about time for me to choose a college and my future education that will lead to what I will become. I get these questions about what I want to become and when I answer that I want to become a concept artist, working with the game industry, comics etc; I get alot of weird looks and people tell me to get it out of my brain because I'll never be able make a living with it and this indeed makes me sad, because I love my art.
So I thought I should ask here to see the opinions of those that has actually suceeded in becoming a concept artist or something in the like, what job oppertunities there are and if I have any chance of suceeding if I do choose to educate myself in arts.
My art isn't even close to being what I have seen here, but I have the hopes and ambition to achieve skills in level with some amazing artwork that I've encountered. I hope I get the courage to follow my dreams and not be so afraid. //Jinji