inker and colorist wanted (indy comic)
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Thread: inker and colorist wanted (indy comic)

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    inker and colorist wanted (indy comic)

    Job Descriptions:

    1) Inker: very crisp and smooth lines preferred. Should also be able to taper the lines and what not.

    2) Colorist: ability to color the lines a plus, should be a colorful/bright feel to the comic.

    If you can handle both, go for it.

    Project Description: A light-hearted action-adventure comic starring Snow Bunny. Further concept sketches can be found here:

    Company Name: Ricochet Games
    Company Location: Salt Lake City, Utah (no relocation necessary)
    Company Description: Freelance publisher

    Time frame for project completion: The first issue will be scheduled for final completion in four months, although I can forsee it being done in two. After the first issue, a bi-monthly schedule will be adopted.

    Payment and intellectual rights will be discussed upon request. (please note that this is an indy project, and the company while the company will be able to pay some upfront pay, it will not be able to pay the upfront proffessional rates.)

    For those interested, here are two images for you to sample your inking and/or coloring skills with:

    These villains should be dressed in all black with white masks and gloves. A sample ink sketch is here:

    Her name's Snow Bunny. She's tanned, dark brown hair, and has a two-color outfit. the one color being a generally darker tone than the other. The exact color choices aren't important, just use this pic to smaple with my pencils. A sketchy ink job can be found here:

    Please note that these are large files meant for working with.

    Contact me if you're interested. Please have online access to applicable artwork available.

    Final job decision will be made early next week.

    Thanks again for your interest.


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