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    Entertainment Design Pilot Program: Please, I need some feedback!

    Hi everyone! My name is David Boyle, I'm currently a junior at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Our school is mainly known for it's transportation design department, which I have been a part of. However, many students and teachers have been pushing to start a entertainment/concept design department much like the one at Art Center in California.
    As I also take part in illustration courses at school, one of my teachers in the illustration department questioned me about possibly doing an indipendant study this coming semester with a entertainment design focus. The only problem is that, being a ID major, I need to get ID credit out of it. I need to make a argument supporting this indipendant study so that I can recieve credit for the class. The benefit of doing this indipendant study is that if it turns out well, official entertainment design classes may be implemented at our school!
    So here is where I ask my question: I need established members of the Entertainment Design community to make a statement supporting this program, so that I can include it in my paper I need to submit to the heads of the ID, animation, and illustration departments as well as teachers so that I can get permission for this indipendant study and prove that entertainment design is a very viable course of study.
    A course outline has already been roughed out. This includes shooting boards, set design, presentation boards, environment drawings, mood drawing, advertisment comps, 30/60 second commercial layouts, storyboarding, as well as many other aspects of the field. Of course, good perspective skills, rendering, color, proportion, and layout are all required for this project.
    I already have some support from teachers, I just need to convice the heads of the departments. I'm really excited to do this as I want to get into this field and have been frustrated that it is difficult to get all the classes I need in order to make a good portfolio. If this class goes through for me I think it would be the first step in developing a new major at our school!
    Please, everyone let me know what you think. If you have any input in regards to aspects of study, or benefits of a specialized class, please let me know! I'd like to try can get this paper made over thanksgiving break, and I will post a copy here for everyone to review.

    Thank you all in advance, and I'm willing to answer any questions you may have!

    Industrial Designer - Illustrator
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    I'm actually one of David's instructors at CCS right now. We've had numerous discussions regarding the curriculum and trying to get not just David, but other students who are interested in this field into some sort of career path. As it stands now at our school (and others, I'm sure), teaching someone and helping them develop a portfolio is tricky. Is the student supposed to take Industrial Design? Illustration? Animation? Fine Art?

    There are numerous tracks that a student can take to pursue this career. We've had several students at CCS in the field already doing concept art- many have graduated ID and Illustration as well as Animation. This conceptual art route touches on many of the school's disciplines and yet within a school structure where there are so many pre-requisites and so many clear cut definitions (as to departmental degrees), it's very difficult to custom tailor a portfolio for this field without exceeding the required credits.

    If any other working professionals or college instructors can offer some insight and direction with helping us define a course here, it's be greatly appreciated.

    (I'm gonna do what I can to get some help here)

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    I'll call up some of the boys after we're all done digesting Thanksgiving Day turkey. Fret not. We'll chat more in class Monday.

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    yeah im also from ccs in the illustration program with the same problem. My problem is the same, i gotta convince the department heads to allow some classes to cover the credit for pre-requisite classes within my major. Its me ray h.
    Chow, is that you storyboard dave?
    The whole portfolio thing is pretty tough too considering i was going to try and make a portfolio this semester geared towards entertainment design yet i couldn't get my teachers to let me gear my assignments towards that. So most of my assignments end up being editorial based because that is where the main focus of the department lies at this point in time.
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