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    Was i ripped off?? Please help.....

    I just recently had one of my paintings used as a book cover,
    but when I opened the book... this is what I noticed

    illustration by NOT ME
    Cover Design By Jorge Mijangos (me)

    they used pretty ugly text over my painting
    shouldn't my name go beside Illustration??

    Only reason I let this person use my painting was because
    I would get my art printed... and its good for my college portfolio
    but if some one else got the credit...

    well ill be really pissed off....
    ~ Jorge "Nirox" M

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    You should have gotten credit, but the ugly type is sort of out of your control. Once your work is handed over to the graphic designer, it is up to them to handle the typography. You would think that they might know what they are doing, and if they don't then an AD or someone else would tell them the type sucks, but either way it's out of your control.

    The best thing you can do is show the illustration in your portfolio and mention in reviews/interviews that it was published. If the type is that ugly, I wouldn't show it in my portfolio like that.

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    im not too worried about the ugly type...

    but to me it sounds like this OTHER GUY
    wants to take credit for the painting
    thats why he put his name beside illustration

    or am i being paranoid?
    ~ Jorge "Nirox" M

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    If there are illos. in the book and your work is only on the cover, then nothing is wrong here. I hope you at least got paid for this. BTW, if you want you work to be used on ANYTHING, make sure you approve how it is handled. If you don't like the way the text was going to be used on it, then say somthing!

    IMHOP, if you are not proud of this book, then I wouldn't even show it off. Just chalk it up as a learning experience. Do you really want your art to be associated with crap?
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