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    Ring around the Poses....

    I have a real quick question for anyone and please feel free to answer as I am wondering if I am the only artist with this problem.....

    I have a great imagination. Actually, I have never drawn fan art, as I enjoy creating original artwork. The problem I have is poses. I can't seem to come up with action type poses in my head. If I see it in a movie or a picture, no problem. But if I try and imagine a pose, it just blurs and jumbles in my head and I end up putting a gun in my mouth. Actually, the gun thing was a joke, but you get what I mean.

    My question is, do any of you use strictly photos or other references for artwork or do most of you have that wonderful ability to create the poses directly in your head?

    One more thing, my knowledge of anatomy is pretty good, so that is not the problem. It is just the basic dynamics of a good pose.

    I hope this made sense!
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    honestly, I think to myself "if i were this guy, what would i be doing"...and some training in animation doesn't make me too fearful to act it out quickly....

    and discreetly....

    when I'm very very alone....

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    Drawnblud -
    If I'm doodling a fantasy character I ask myself, what do I want to express most??? The features, weaponry, clothing, are they a man, creature or monster etc? Are they running? jumping, struggling, shouting, calling, attacking, defending etc etc...
    Know what feelings and emotions you want to show, and then the pose will come to you. If you've got a confident female character with a cigarette in her mouth - how would she be standing? You'd shift the weight in her body to show some kind of relaxed attitude, her head may be tilted back, and she'd be looking down at you. Just a thought. But you can vision it anyhoo

    Strike a dynamic pose yourself and see how it looks in the mirror, remember it - then go draw!

    Hope this helps!


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