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Thread: Tribal Orc

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    Tribal Orc

    Hi, here is my first post, you can see my presentation here . It's done in Photoshop 7 for my portfolio, i wanted him having a frenzy looking,

    hope you'll like it.
    tell me what you think guys

    Tribal Orc

    and some details :

    Tribal Orc

    Tribal Orc
    Jon Girin aka MansiG

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    Nice rendering and cool body paint.
    The head seems like it's up too high. I never think of orcs as having much of a neck.
    He looks more posed than frenzied. Try using Pro Wrestler magazines for reference rather than bodybuilder magazines. Those wrestlers look pretty much like orcs anyways.
    Good pic though. What medium did you use?

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    weird.... on the close up number 2, i'd swear i saw a face, but i guess it's a figure on a stick... check it...Tribal Orc

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    HAHA, I saw that exact same thing. I was like wtf.

    As for the pic though, IT ROCKS. Great work. It really doesnt look like an orc though. Just a really buff crazy ass guy.

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    Very cool. Welcome aboard too. Great piece overall but be careful with your perspective. His forearms seem a little flat. Very nice work all in all though. I love the texture and that cool Simon Bisley feel. Keep it up!

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    Cool pic. I'm working on a project that has tribal barbarians so I've been looking around at similar things. I think if he's frenzied in battle he should have his arms up and his mouth should be open. It sort of looks like he's smiling in a twisted way. Maybe you could even add a bit of foam on the edge of his mouth to make him look crazy and if he's facing the viewer than it would be cool if he was charging so it looks like he's coming to kill us .

    Great work I give it 3 thumbs up .

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