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    I think I have an okay understanding of how to make a building in perspective. My problem is I can't seem to make a windows to go on the buildings. I think I know the steps to a point then things go wrong. Maybe my method doesnt work or I'm just missing something. I made these to show my steps can someone tell me what the problem is. These are rushed by the way

    Step 1-

    Step 2-
    I used a ruler and made points that are equal in size along the center line do they have to be a certin distance apart?

    Step 3-
    then I made x's and made a vertical line where they meet. Continue doing another x from that line that I just made and keeping continue doing them. Does there have to be like a even number of vertical lines this is where I seem to mess up.

    Step 4-
    I messed up at the begining of making the windows. It always seems to end up this way where there should be like another row of windows or something.

    can someone clear this up I would really appreciate the help. This really seems to be holding me back from doing perspective.

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    Hi. Yep, your problem is coming from the fact that you can only have an even number of vertical spaces. (Cut the box in half, you have two. Cut those in half, four. Cut those in half, eight.) There's no way to evenly space windows in this space.

    ##O#O#O# - this is basically what you have (one row, 'O's are windows.)

    Now, finding a solution is a bit trickier. I don't know any method for correctly dividing spaces other than the one you're using, so what I'd do is just wing it. Draw this out, on another sheet of paper, in a side view, so that everything has even spacing. Divide it into 8 squares, like you did. Then figure out where you need to put your windows relative to your guidelines.

    If you mimic that in the perspective view, you should be able to get it close enough to be convincing.

    Oh, one other thing, some of your vertical lines aren't perfectly vertical. That may be throwing things off too.

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    Try Loomis, Successful Drawing, pp. 38 ff.

    helped me a lot!!!


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