I recently joined after about a year of looking at all the great work here and using a great deal of it as a backrounds for my desktop. Right now for instance I am using Masanas blue seaside looking enviroment picture which is just incredible. Anyways I was wondering if (and you will have to excuse my ignorance if this is rude or impolite) I could possibly request a series of like 4 or 5 differing treatments of a picture. The reason why I make this request is that I am proably going to ask my girlfriend of 2 years to marry me at Christmas. I already have the ring but I thought it would be great if I could get an artisit or two from here to do several treatments of a picture of her and then from the treatments I could go to kinkos or the art supply company here and get them pieced togather and framed for a second gift. If this is asking too much I understand, I would do it myself but my art talent does not extend past the fourth grade level and I have always been impressed with the work done here. For the treatments I cant pay much on account that a great deal of my paychecks go into school and to Debeers those bastards! I can exchange it for maybe entire album mp3 zips (anyone here like Ted Leo, The Velvet Teen, Creeper Lagoon?) walking dead comics, or cult movies like Aragami or Versus or Sealab 2021 episodes. Of course I would not expect the artist(s) who do the treatments to mail them to me, but email them or post them here and I can just save them to my computer and have them printed real nice and big like huck huck. Thank you for your time if you read this and I appreciate all the work that is done here and the artists that do the work. It always gives a nice jolt to my imagination after a marathon of writing on topics like Islamic Political Economy for 5 hours. Speaking of which I have to get back to the grind stone.
PS: Here is a link to an excellent artist named snake heart, he or she is a japanese artist who is just phenomenal. I cant read Japanese but I can see how much talent the artist has. http://www.crazy.jp/~wolfina/top.html

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