I was wondering if anyone working as a concept artist or an illustrator would mind answering some questions about their work?

The answers will be used in a project Im working on called 'design investigation.' Basically Im in my 3rd year of a New Media degree and I need to find out as much as I can about what its like to be a concept artist and/or illustrator since those are the careers Im aiming for once I graduate. I would really apreciate any help you guys could give.

Ok now the questions:

1) What makes a successful concept artist/illustrator?

2) Who or what has influenced your work?

3) What principles do you consider to be important for a designer?

4) What forces/factors help determine the content of your work?

5) What form does the clients brief usually take?

6) How do you approach clients when seeking work.

7) What is the design, development, production process?

8 ) How much has your job (or job within your company) changed in recent years?

9) What future developments will there be in concept art/illustration?

10) How does difference and originality come about in design?

11) Do you do other things such as 3D, web design, story boarding etc in addition to concept art/illustration?

12) What is the most enjoyable part of your job and which is the
least enjoyable?

13) Do you have any thoughts or opinions you would like to add? -