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    Strange Painter 7 Problem

    I was painting an image with the watercolor tools in Painter 7. I saved it and when I reopened it later all the layers were filled with red. Anyone else have this problem before?

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    I had a similar problem once. I was working really large (i.e. 600 dpi on A2 size - a bit too ambitious for my old PIII 500MHz, 512 MB RAM machine). In my case certain areas were sort of rainbow colored others were plain colored. It wasn't reversable and lots of work was wasted. Taught me to work smaller the next time...



    Strange Painter 7 Problem
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    I was working at 6x8 with a dpi of 150. I am using a 1.4 ghz with 768 mb of ram. All layers were obliterated with the color red. At least it was only a sketch. Maybe Jin will have some answers.

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    This is a new one for me, though I did see an image corrupted before my very eyes when I tried to use Impasto settings with either Water Colors or Liquid Ink. Don't recall which it was now, but it was when Painter 7 was brand new and I was plowing through everything, eager to see what was there. I found out! That's a known cause for corruption, so avoid it at all costs.

    The only other things I can think might cause it are memory problems, caused by one or more of the following (and system maintenance related problems):

    Scripts file too large/ number of Auto Save for [ ] days set too high (max is 10 days)

    Solution: Edit > Preferences > General, lower Auto Save for [ ] days number.
    Use Script Mover to create a new Scripts Library and move any Scripts you recorded into the new Scripts Library. Record a new Script by choosing Record Script from the Objects palette's Scripts section menu, use File > New to open a new Canvas, in the Scripts menu, choose Stop Recording Script, and save it with a unique name not already used by Painter. Close Painter and move a copy of the new Script to another folder, rename it Painter.ssd and use it to replace the default Painter.ssd Scripts file in the main Painter 7 folder. Now you have a small, clean Scripts file.

    Undo level set too high (max is 32).

    Solution: Edit > Preferences > Undo, lower the number to 12 or 16 (whatever you think your system can handle.. lower if necessary).

    Scripts file corrupted.

    Solution: Either replace it with a new file from the Painter 7 application CD (Painter 7 CD 1) or use the solution described above to create a new Scripts file.

    Pre-built Brush File too large.

    Solution: With Painter 7 closed, open the Pianter 7 > Brushes folder and first check the Pre-built Brush File size, then delete it. It will be regenerated the next time Painter 7 is opened. Every hour or so, save your file, shut down Painter 7 and check the "PBF" size, then delete it if it's over 1 MB (it can be larger, but it won't hurt to delete it and that's my cutoff size for deleting the file). Always check the size of the "PBF" after each Painter 7 session and delete it if necessary.

    Working too long without saving and shutting down Painter.

    Solution: Every hour or two, save your file, shut down Painter 7, check the "PBF", then reopen Painter 7.

    Working too long without saving, shutting down Painter 7, and rebooting.

    Solution: See previous solution and whenever you see Painter 7 behaving strangely, immediately save your file, shut down Painter 7, check the "PBF", reboot, and reopen Painter 7

    General Solutions when you experience corrupted files, in addition to the above: Save files frequently, in a numbered series, so each file has a new name. Save Painter 7 files Uncompressed. The default is Compressed, so you'll need to check the Uncompressed box when saving. This, naturally, will cause the files to be large but it's better than no image at all.

    Regular system maintenance neglected.

    Solution: Run ScanDisk and Defrag at least once a week. Clear out browser cache and temp files regularly (several times a day if necessary).

    I hope some of this, or all of it, helps. These are good things to take care of in any case. Good working practices.
    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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