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    I thought I'd try and spread the word of this event around here, seems like some of you might be interested ...please help spread the word!

    November 21st - The first World Wide SketchCrawl day.

    On sunday november 21st join artists from all over the planet in day long drawing event.
    The first World Wide SketchCrawl. The idea: go out in your city or town, draw and
    document your whole day from morning to evening.
    Join the first international marathon of sketching and then share some of your drawings
    and tales with the rest of the world at the brand new site

    But let me tell you a little bit on how this idea came about.
    SketchCrawl started as an experiment a couple of months back.
    I set out for a whole sunday to go out in the
    city and draw and document all I could of my day.
    A drawing marathon of sorts. It was tiring but exhilarating.
    A day like that really makes you stop and look at things
    around you a little longer, a little deeper. Very refreshing.
    You can see every drawing of this first sketchcrawl day here:

    It was so much fun that we tried it a few weeks later with a small
    group of coworkers: we met in the morning for a small brunch,
    split up in the city for the day and then met back for dinner and
    shared the drawings and experiences of the day.
    The idea was to see how the city might look viewed by different eyes
    and different pencils. Needless to say it was even more interesting
    then the "solo crawl".

    Well now we're taking it a step further on November 21st I am joining a
    group of artists for an international SketchCrawl in Kyoto, but there's more ...
    we're putting a call out to anyone who's interested to make sunday November
    21st the 1st World Wide SketchCrawl day !

    The response has already been amazing and groups of people are starting
    to organize all over the globe: Singapore, London, Malaysia, Paris, Melbourne
    ... and around here in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New
    York, Orlando and many other cities in the US ...

    So if you like to sketch consider getting some friends together and
    try this fun experience.
    Hey, draw even for just a couple of hours, so you can tell your
    grandchildren: (shaky voice)" I took part in the first world wide
    Sketch Crawl, when we used to have paper you know ..."

    At the end of all this we hope to have drawings from different corners
    of the world to share and take a look at; different nations, cities
    and lives, I am betting it'll be pretty darn amazing.
    is also going to also serve as my sketchblog for the next 2 months of traveling
    to Japan and Italy.

    There's also a forum on the site, where to get organized before november 21st
    ,get together with artists in your area and then share all our scribblings from the day
    after it ...

    We are trying to spread the word regarding this event as much as possible
    all links and mentions are very much appreciated.

    Cheers and Sketch till you crawl on November 21st !

    Enrico Casarosa

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    Sweet! Thanks for posting this, Enrico! I posted a link to your original SketchCrawl on here a few months ago. I thought it was such a great idea! Nice to know there will a be an attempt at a global SketchCrawl event! I haven't had time to try this, but this just may be the perfect oppourtunity!
    "Every generation sees the past though the lens of its own time." - Thom Hartmann

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    Woa, great idea. I'd love to do a sketchcrawl!

    Those acrylics are on yer site are wicked man. I've been toying around with a small acrylics set lately as well. Very handy to take with ye and paint anywhere. Plus you can make a cool finished piece in a relative short time.

    Putting a big "SKETCHCRAWL"-note on my monitor so I won't forget :p.
    "It's too bad she won't live! But then again, who does?"

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    hey enrico, i was about to spread the word myself but you beat me to it this sounds like so much fun, maybe the washington [seattle] sketch group can give it a shot!

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    Good idea, i remember seeing this on your site a couple weeks back, and was thinking about doing it. This site is the audience for that kinda thing. Love Mia by the way, and especially the Art of..

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    Hey excellent ... and thanks for the kind words ...
    Seems like we're starting to really get a lot of people
    from all over ... it'll be really cool ...

    Floris Didden- They're actually watercolors ...

    ok guys ... thanks and sketch till you crawl ... this coming sunday ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by enrico
    Floris Didden- They're actually watercolors ...

    <eyes perk up>


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    ah ... mostly around here
    lot's of watercolor ... more to come from Japan!


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    Next sunday aye ? hmm .. lets get drawin' !

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