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    Wink The Search

    The Search

    Ok I did this for my bed room wall just wanted something cool to look at. I also did it because I had this concept for a long while and attempted it 3 or 4 time in the past year or so but it always turned out wrong. (Tell me wot you think I really need to GET BETTER!)

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    The light cones seem rather flat, especially the one projecting into the foreground. I think they could be less pronounced, even barely visible, and still convey the same idea. Part of the problem is that the lights are throwing off a lot of ambient glare- so much so that it would diffuse the edges of the light cones quite a bit instead of the relatively hard edges you have here. I like the glare of the lights at the ship, so if it's an either/or decision, I'd keep the glare and diffuse the light cones, rather than cut the glare and keep the cones as is. Another thing you might consider is putting patches of spot-illuminated ground where the searchlights are pointed. I think it would heighten the sense of being hunted to have capture so visibly near (assuming this is a search for someone fleeing captivity, what with the prison-looking structure on the horizon)

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    ya the lights are kind of flat, id love to see one of them land on the mountain close by, and make a circular highlight
    also the bulding in the very far back is less blury then the one in the front. it is supposed to be the other way around.
    id also like to see a huge big black shadow from the ship

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    I agree about the light being flat, and also..... please please please dont use lens flares!

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