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    first off sorry if this is the wrong section, but im not sure where to post else.

    i need to know, if anyone of you made experience with the aiptech 12000 ( tablet or atleast knows something about it. im asking because im planing to get an grafik tablet, and im not sure which to buy. i don´t have that much money (im just 16 years old and depending on pocket money) this tablet just costs about 65€ which is way less than all that wacom tablets and lookin at the technical facts it doesn´t seem to be that bad. now i wanted to know if its a good start to buy this tablet or if i should better save money for an wacom. (i am not that good in painting yet)

    hope you can help me


    (excuse my english )
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    Hey Johann, i have the same problem as you. Few weeks ago I bought the aiptek 6000 , which is A6 I think. The 12000 is A4 isnt it?
    The Aiptek 6000 is a bit slow,( dunno how to explain it right) and not very precise, but I dont know if the Aiptek 12000 has the same technical facts as my tablet.
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    Before you go buying any tablet, you should consider paper more
    Digital art is cool(yeah, no brush cleaning. But hell, I use my brush dirty ), but really expensive - and it will not help you in any way to improve, it's another more tool to learn(and one that's not easy, it really took time).
    So my principal advice is : get some real pen, brush, acrylic, watercolor, some good and big paper and... draw. Better reward
    But well, if you still want to go the marvelous digital way, wait for a wacom. I have try some aiptech/trust/some other brand tablet, and they can't compare seriously with the wacom : less dpi, less feature, less speed, less precision... And the simple pleasure of use is better with wacom of course!
    No driver problem too...
    So for now i'd say stick with pen and paper, it's all benefit for you.

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    hi Johann,

    i'm using a wacom now, but my first tablet was an aiptek 4x5 [can't remember the model], and i got it when i was about 16, too i used it almost every night.. and after a couple years of that, it died one day and i bought a wacom when i had the money. BUT honestly i can't remember a difference between using it and using the wacom brand now. it didn't really matter to me, i used it for the same purpose and enjoyed making art both ways. personally, i think Wacom tablets are overrated.. they keep on improving their product but it pretty much stays the same.

    my advice is buy an aiptek [or another cheaper tablet] you can depend on for a couple years, and if you want to upgrade, make some art and sell some prints, and later buy a wacom when you're ready for it

    ~ l

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    buy nothing from aiptek

    I got the aiptek 12000 u and the first one they sent me came broken. There was no pressure sensitivity and it hopped all over the place. after fined the new drivers and installing them over and over I finally called the company.
    There customer service in non existent I finally sent it back. I new one was delivered 3 weeks latter. This one worked… fists but slowly it began to get wiggy. The cursor jumped around every now and then and the pressure sensitivity would spike up and down . after a while the sensitivity all out died. So … no don’t buy it. Save up the $ and go for a wacom.

    the aiptek tablets are good.... FOR ME TO POOP ON!
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