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    Draw more from reference???

    Hmmmmm I just got my sketchbook back from my figure drawing teacher. In her notes she said I should do more drawaings from reference rather than from life...
    Isn't it better to draw from life rather than from reference? (i.e. photo)
    She is a good teacher but this is a little confusing... every established/skilled artists I talk to would usually say draw from life.
    .its a shock to me heh =/

    ...p.s. Jason if you happen to read this.... i see my title is still the same! didn't we have a deal???

    p.s.s. wow my digital skills class is boring "this is how to open photoshop, this is how you use the paintbrush in photoshop, this is a macintosh computer, that is a mouse"
    :yawns: :boring:
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    sVtcObra Guest away from that teacher...although its good to see refrence life is always like pictures lie

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    wow brother...smack her... kidding...

    If you draw more from life you won't be as dependent on reference... I feel like I learn something new about the human body everytime I have drawing class.


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