Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce myself a bit as I am brand-spankin' new here... I hail from the icy, hellish regions of the North (namely Alaska) and am fairly young and impressionable compared to the lot of you... I am a freelance graphics designer up here that likes to do a lot of sketching as well.

Not really a sketchbook, per say, but a semi-outdated gallery of some of my drawings can be found at: http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/a...te/afoote.html

A game company in London saw that gallery and hired me to do concept architecture for their game. As I am furiously sketching out building plans and models I began looking around at other people's concepts and realize that, while my pencil-and-pad sketches might work for the modelers, they really aren't all that presentable. So I turn to you, true professionals for help... I was wondering if you could provide me with a tutorial for going from an exclusively pencil-made concept to a presentable inked and shaded piece.

Perhaps I will make a post in the 'tutorials' section of these forums with such a request but for now I just wanted to leave my mark and get my name out in the community...

- Aaron