Hey all,

Well I am working on pre production for the summer shoot of my grad film right now and I am also about to send out the open sponsorship packages to a large amount of corporations and production houses here in Vancouver.

My Grad film isn't supposed to shoot until next year, actually I have not even had my grad panel meeting to discuss what I will be doing but for what I want to make happen I want to have the shoot finished by this comming summer and have my entire grad year to work on post.

I am not sure if it is a normal thing for a student with high aspirations to show up at the front door step of a production studio looking for help in terms of a little guidance as well as some help production wise to realize a beginning to something which could be a massive industry spark in terms of tv.

I am trying to avoide the whole "Hey this could really be something big" shpeal and simply want to let the film speak for itself but the one thing I could really use from everyone here is some advice on the approach I should use. If you play the student harp too loud usually a string snaps and catches you in the lip or if you dont play loud enough they think you are some semi pro looking to milk them.

If anyone at all has some advice it would be fantastic, the sponsorship package I put together has been professionally formatted and edited by a friend of the family who works for the top international charities in North America but I dont want to just hand it to the secretary and wait for the phone to ring, or worse yet I follow up only to be left on hold.

I'm all ears guys.