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    Smile Blue Mech with Princess

    Hey Guys,
    so I'm currently working on a fun-composition.
    Name:  mecha2-small.jpg
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    I wanted to know if you guys have any thoughts on this. Do you understand the story? is it working or what should I do to make it working?
    I would be grateful for any feedback =)

    Best Regards

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    i think it would be better if hed be somehow enclosing her visually... like hes fending something off.

    as it is it now, its well done imo, but it feels rather arbitrary. we look at her and then follow his direction out of the frame.

    super-fragile-thing ... check.
    super-massive-thing somehow interacting... check.

    whats the story?
    "Have only 4 values, but all the edges you want."
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    So the idea was that There is this "Spirity" overnatural Princess which gets lead somewhere (we dont know where) from this mecha. the mecha should be somehow from the same fraction. (Thinking about this, I'll probably need to add some sort of a logo)
    So the mecha tells her where to go, but not in an angry way, he should just follow his program. And she for some reason do what she is told but she dont want it at all, shes probably just doing it because it's her mandatory.

    But that he is leading out of the frame is a good point from you. I could argument that its intentional because he is leading her out of her current situation .. but yeah, maybe I just need to add some details in the front which work as a guideline back to the center of the image.

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    I came up with this. after the thoughts I had.
    Name:  mecha3-small.jpg
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    how would you enclose them visually?

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    Hello there,

    If the idea is that the mecha is leading the princess somewhere, I'd emphasize the hands that are pointing out of frame and gently pushing her as you can't read his intentions from his face for obvious reasons.

    You can achieve this by making his right hand silhouette clearly "pointy" ala Creation of Adam Michelangelo paired with a kind/relaxed left hand. If the right hand is not "pointy" enough, it might seem that he is stopping her from advancing (bouncer vibes) instead of giving her a new direction.

    I'd include some more pink shiny flowers right behind his left hand as double purpose:

    1) to establish a value change between background and foreground to focus attention on his hands actions
    2) to create a narration, maybe the spirit was interacting with the flowers/environment before he arrived and was interrupted. I'd emphasize that this is where she belongs and makes him stand out as artificial. Same with the overall background: right side being natural and flowy vs left side heavy and hard edged where she is being led to.

    Hope this helps, good work!

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