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    Structured Self-Study over the Summer

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post on these forums so I apologize in advance if I'm unaware of any etiquette regarding posting a thread.

    I'm a sophomore in High school (now a rising junior I guess) and over the past two years I've been making a concerted effort to improve my art skills. I've mostly been doing studies of anatomy, other artists' work as well as some stuff from imagination just to gauge where I'm at. I've wanted to become a concept artist for some time now so most of my stuff is more geared towards fantasy/medieval designs. I've posted some pictures of my work below just to give you all an idea of where I'm at and what sort of direction I may be going in.

    Now that it's the summer, I wanted to transition from the seven hour school day to a structured schedule of my own to help me focus on art. I want to follow this schedule Monday through Friday. What I have so far is this: 30 minutes of gesture drawing (using a quick pose website) follow by 1 hour of more detailed figure drawing, followed by 30 minutes of anatomy studying, followed by 1 hour of portrait practice, followed by 30 minutes of costume/prop studies and then 30 minutes of a more targeted study time where I determine each day an area that I need a particular focus on. After this I'm going to have 1 hour of free drawing where I'd do the thing I typically do, nerdy stuff just applying my skills to something I'm more interested in drawing.

    Would any of you have any advice for me? If you have any experience with this, or self-directed art education in general, is there anything that is missing in this schedule or that I should allot more time to? Also feel free to critique any of the work you see below, any suggestion helps. Thanks in advance for all of the advice and criticism!
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    I suggest you start with drawing basics, from simple still life, working on proportions and line quality. Forget about anatomy, props and costume for now. Add perspective, construction, value studies and composition.
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