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Thread: New sketchbook

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    New sketchbook

    Haven't been here in a while so I thought I would start a new sketchbook and start off with some of my life drawing.
    Name:  20190519_133040.jpg
Views: 957
Size:  216.4 KBName:  20190526_133123.jpg
Views: 965
Size:  271.1 KBName:  20190526_133117.jpg
Views: 914
Size:  333.9 KBName:  20190519_133032.jpg
Views: 928
Size:  316.0 KB

    Some character designs for a comic that I'm working on.
    Name:  SimoneCostume.jpg
Views: 932
Size:  92.6 KBName:  ArtieCostume.jpg
Views: 968
Size:  100.8 KBName:  SimonePoses.jpg
Views: 962
Size:  140.5 KB

    A sci fi version of Thor done for fun.
    Name:  SciFiThor.jpg
Views: 938
Size:  163.5 KB

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    Great stuff! I love the lineworks of your Thor...
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    welcome back! some sweet life drawings you have there!

    with the head of Thor's weapon I would be careful. Feels much too big for your style not leaning towards such exaggerations. I might think about these proportions again. But I like seeing you work on your designs

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    Thanks @eezacque!

    Thanks @JuliaMetzger! Thanks for pointing out that issue with Thor's axe I'll fix that.

    Life drawing from last week.

    Name:  20190602_132945.jpg
Views: 391
Size:  321.8 KBName:  20190602_132952.jpg
Views: 388
Size:  294.3 KBName:  20190602_133015.jpg
Views: 388
Size:  325.7 KBName:  20190602_133000.jpg
Views: 386
Size:  358.4 KB

    A few expressions and a couple poses for my comic character Artemisia
    Name:  ArtiePoses.jpg
Views: 389
Size:  131.7 KB

    A sketch for an illustration for Simone the main character of my comic
    Name:  Simone Illustration.jpg
Views: 386
Size:  195.8 KB
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    Some life drawing from earlier today working on the neck and shoulder area.
    Name:  20190609_135430.jpg
Views: 298
Size:  379.0 KBName:  20190609_135413.jpg
Views: 300
Size:  344.0 KBName:  20190609_135358.jpg
Views: 298
Size:  258.9 KBName:  20190609_135339.jpg
Views: 298
Size:  296.0 KB

    Finished my sci fi Thor
    Name:  SciFiThorColor.jpg
Views: 297
Size:  168.5 KB

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    Damn, your game on figure drawing is good, I personaly like the life drawigns. Can I ask? what are your artistic goals?
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    @motato right now my artistic goals are to improve my anatomy. My longer term goal is to self publish my own comic and do freelance illustration.

    Some life drawing from today, really trying to focus on the shoulder and neck area
    Name:  20190623_132825.jpg
Views: 58
Size:  356.9 KB
    Name:  20190623_132835.jpg
Views: 58
Size:  322.0 KB
    Name:  20190623_132847.jpg
Views: 56
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