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    Using Grids in Drawings & Painting over photos

    Hello everyone!

    What are your thoughts on using grids in art? (As in, creating a grid over a reference image, transferring the grid to your drawing surface, then drawing the image on said surface). Iíve heard to never use them, and Iíve seen them used by artists with big followings. What are the ďrulesĒ here?

    Similarly, what are your thoughts on painting directly over photos digitally? Iíve seen this done by artists with decent followings as well, and itís caught me a bit off guard.

    Thank you!

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    A grid is just another tool. The main issue with a grid is that you can only use it practically on a reference image, which is not the best way to learn drawing for a beginner. Train yourself to measure angles and compare distances, which is a lot more versatile, and harder, in the real world.
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    Painting over photos is a way to learn to colour match accurately. Gridding is one way to learn to see. Artists have used grids when doing a portrait or even a still life, doing it on photos has limited use, but fine for beginners.

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