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    Pencil Study of Lion Sculpture

    Looking for a critique of this pencil study of a lion sculpture. The purpose of the assignment was to render the lion sculpture accurately, and place values correctly as well in order to produce a well rendered image. Thanks. The reference I drew from is below.
    Pencil Drawing of Lion


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    This is good, I can tell it is a lion and the pose and the borders of the object. But I think this would look better if you used darker values, it will make it look more 3 d, the shadows would improve this a lot.
    I will recommend wax markers, they give you the softest grey and the darker black shadows, I don´t know if wax markers is how they call them in english, they are those pencils you peal a little paper and unwrap the tip.
    Choose a wax one because there are similar graphite pencils that are pretty dull and just shade a plain grey tone.
    Good luck and keep practicing!

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    Well, it's definitely the lion of lucerne. For that exercise I would suggest showing the entire object and high contrast.

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    knowing this is very likely from the Schoolism class... have you watched the feedback videos there? or compared your work to the results of other students?
    digging deeper into rhe materials used might also be helpful. using more different pencils, for example 2B, 4B and 6B to get bettter value ranges. You can also lay down down a base layer of grey and use an eraser to get the lights in. learn more about your tools, take time drawing, analyze, go back and forth. maybe even do the study more than one time

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