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    Hello, I am 19 year’s old and I have been drawing since I was around eight. I come here today because I am really confused at to wether or not I should be persuing at all or not. I love to draw I love to create realistic portraits and figures, but this issue is I have trouble finishing things., I find myself critiquing myself so much that I cannot finish a piece , or I find myself working on a piece for so long that i give up on it out of laziness.
    This trend on how I go about ‘arting’ has haunted me for a few years now sense About 17. I find myself repeatedly having spirts of inspiration where all I am doing day end and day out is drawing and improving my skills and then out of no where I see the inspiration start to die out and I stop drawing. I stop drawing for months on end until I am inspired once again be that seeing old sketchbooks or seeing artist I fort I admired on Instagram. And when I decide to start drawing again I have to reteach myself all of my techniques and skills I learned from the past session from perspective or muscular anatomy and it’s exhausting.
    I have not been drawing for about 4 months now, but once again I am inspired but I know how it will end, so I have been investing little to no time into my art because I wanted to dissect what I truly should be doing and investing energy to.
    I love art. I see myself doing something in art for the rest of my life. But my biggest hurdle in life right now is sticking to something. Sticking to it and never letting it go, and thriving from it. I just don’t know how to do that at this point, and just am trying to get my head straight before I invest time into something just to fail myself.

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    I struggle with that too- inspiration comes and goes. I think that's just natural and each individual should learn to work *with* and not against it in our own way.
    When I'm not in the spirit of making art, I still use my discipline to atleast get some work done, even if it's not a lot. The rest of my effort is invested towards trying to get inspired, such as skating, making music, working out, chilling with friends, or any other interests or hobbies u might have. That break always lets me get back to drawing with a fresh mind and ready to go.
    As for finishing pieces, learn to practice more discipline and thoroughness- even if you push yourself to do a little rendering a day, those small steps add up and you'll eventually be able to overcome that initial "fear" or whatever might be blocking you mentally.

    This exact topic is what i've been trying to work on for years now myself haha so I'm still learning how to deal with it. From my experiences I'd say:
    -Don't burn yourself out
    -Take time to find inspiration outside drawing and rest some
    -Consistency is key, a little drawing a day is better than a lot once in a while. Art is and endurance race I feel, not a sprint.
    -Aim to fix these problems in baby steps, it takes time and discipline to sort of "rewire" your mind in this way

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    You can look at art as a trade instead of a mystical fantastical land . You'll most likely be a white-collar worker , earning money helping your employer make money . There are different skillsets , market segment .... etc . There are many online education programs that teach the trade already . Learning art is kinda like going to college , if you're doing college " on and off " , feeling " inspired" to go to college, don't expect much to gain.

    Even Feng Zhu openly say that the triple A industry look for assitant role who can do boring , tedious, mechanical concept work for junior role instead of out-of-this-world epic fantasy social media materials
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