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    CHOW 487 Conan The Librarian (finals)

    CHOW 487 Conan The Librarian (finals)

    Character of the Week #487
    Conan The Librarian
    Deadline - Monday, May 13th 8AM GMT

    Your character doesn’t have to be a barbarian warrior like Conan; I just really liked the pun.
    Consider the real title for this as “Librarian guardian” or something like that.

    Magic is dangerous in the wrong hands. The most powerful of spells and other dark secrets of the universe that should never be known to mere mortals are guarded well in secret library vaults scattered throughout the realms.

    Only the most powerful warriors are chosen to safeguard these spelltomes and grimoires, usually also fulfilling the role of archivist as well, preserving and caring for the books as much as hacking apart intruders.

    You may design any kind of warrior you like, knight, samurai, etc. What I’m aiming for here is a weird mix of hard as nails warrior and bookish librarian / scribe. Any genre is fine too; they could be guarding stone tablets, scrolls, ebooks in cyberspace
    and anything else you can think of.

    • Human or humanoid
    • Male or female
    • Mix of warrior and bookish scribe
    • Carries at least one book (or scroll, ebook reader, etc)

    The Rules:

    - FINALS: Must post in finals thread before the deadline
    - KNEES UP: Must show at least 3/4 of the character, from at least the knees up.
    - FRONT VIEW: Must be able to see the front of design. No back views without a front.
    - WIPS: Must show at least 2 work in progress shots either in the wips thread or finals thread.
    - READABLE: Design must be readable, as in a 3D model could be made from your image.
    - ONLY ONE: May only submit one entry. No multiple submissions.
    - 3D: Must be originally created models, excluding primitives. 3D paint-overs permitted. If you choose to use 3D in whole or in part you must show a screenshot of the model in 3D software with final entry.
    - UNACCEPTABLE: These are not permitted: Photo paint-overs, photobashing, pre-made or purchased 3D
    , rushed works/ rough sketches. PHOTO TEXTURES are allowed as long as they are suitably worked into the piece and not lazily dumped on top.
    - NEW USERS: Must submit entries by 6pm GMT on due date, due to's moderation process:

    - DESIGN: Design your character for the brief, not your personal fetish. Nudes without some design are not permitted.
    - READ: Read through the threads; there may be answers to your questions already posted.
    - FUN: Have fun!

    Character of the week challenge C.H.O.W

    *light nudity*


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    I'll leave this open for another week.

    New deadline: Monday, May 20th 8AM GMT
    Character of the week challenge C.H.O.W

    *light nudity*


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    Ok, this is Muck. He once was a proud, barbarian warrior and brother of the King until he got banned from his King because he slept with it's wife. Now he has to guard the secret writings of the clan till death...
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    the Ink

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    Anapesth is the guardian of the most magnificent and powerful manuscripts in all the universe. She is a diligent and methodical caregiver, but make no mistake, she is among the most dangerous beings alive, and she cares more about any scrap of parchment under her watch than she does about you. She is lightning quick, incredibly strong, and immune to magic. Her most unique attribute is the ability to see you, your past, and short distances into your future when she looks at you with her multi-pupiled eyes. This means that she knows your intentions and actions, often before you do. An attempt to damage or steal a book is likely to end with your head bitten off, quite literally. So, don't even try it. And, pay your fines.

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    Protector and guardian of ancient wisdom for centuries the Zomorian is both an intelligent and powerful being to deal with when trying to access or steal great knowledge without permission.
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