Hi, I'd like to offer one of my tailored services of painting animals in watercolor. I usually offer this as a pet portrait painting service, however I am not limited to any particular animals. I would really like to get into reptiles, horses, and exotic animals like parrots. I know this is a concept art forum, but as I also work in the film industry I occasionally see producers looking for traditional gestural art like mine for sets or art to pad out the presentation package of a project. This style can also extend for book illustration, covers with animals, album art - where you see it fit. For this kind of purpose (where licenses/copyright are involved), please contact me directly through my website.

If you'd like a pet portrait though, you can order directly through this page. Just pick a size & go from there. Turn around for pet portraits is usually a week, certificate for provenance is provided as well. The sizes are roughly 9"x12" (small), 11"x14" (medium), 16"x20" (large).

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