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    Question I'm Here, how do I get Here. (Illustration Rendering/Composition Questions)

    Hello all, Currently I've been struggling to get myself to complete illustrations
    or perhaps find cleaner methods of finishing a painting/ illustration and I would really
    like to start making more wholesome compositions and such. Currently this is where I am: (Link to my ArtStation Portfolio)

    But where I would like to be is Here, a piece from a very skilled artist "ArtGerm"
    of Ann Takamaki from the Persona Series down below in the attachment. I feel
    a bit lost on my artistic journey as of late in trying to move towards this level of rendering.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated please and thank you.
    Name:  ann_takamaki_persona_5_by_artgerm_db72ynb-pre.jpg
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    It would be a bit more useful for you to post your artwork here instead of a link and a picture of someone else's work.

    If you're wanting to improve, I'd recommend checking out the Master Studies thread under Community Activities. Doing those will help you improve more than anything else, especially in regard to finishing paintings and getting better with composition.
    Check out my sketchbook!

    You only fail if you stop trying.

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    Have you seen the Proko videos yet?

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    I did, you missed the Link to my Art Station,
    and im not sure if you read the text above about how Im
    simply using this as an example of where I want to be?

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    Lots of stuffs to learn , here are some guidelines:

    - Have discipline doing excercises and training on the boring parts
    - Use money to get the best educations you can find . Courses from proven artists are better than rando tutorials . NMA , schoolism , learn squared , cgma ,... etc provide good educations online
    - Make close contacts with others , esp professionals . You get more out of private/small groups of dedicated people than public places
    - Don't neglect basic trad fundamentals , at the same times , digital have its own differences that you don't have to be hellbent on doing it the "olden way "

    You're looking at learning from scratch , take 1-2 to 10+ years depending on how screwed up your studying is . A rough path looks like this
    - Accuracy training , proportion , measurement
    - perspective , able to do boxes
    - figure related stuffs

    -basic form , light & shadow
    - color theory

    and then a bunch of other stuffs after


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    I second Puruishi- I can't stress enough the discipline and fundamentals part as well.

    On a very practical level, I'd say just keep drawing and gaining that mileage... and getting used to it. Getting to that level takes a lot of work and practice no doubt.

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    Agree with all the points about constantly studying fundamentals, this is essential.

    In regards to getting a piece to a very polished, finished state - I also struggle with this but remember there is no rush and these pieces usually take a long time to get to that stage. You don't have to finish a piece in one sitting, nor should you in my opinion. Take your time and when you find yourself losing concentration and focus, take a break (maybe for an hour, or a day or two) then get back in to it. Don't expect immediate results, especially not when you're first starting out. These finished pieces are an accumulation of a long process. Also, don't forget to enjoy the process!!

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