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    Aruena’s Sketchbook


    I’m 31 y old, from Europe. I have a background in traditional art, but I’m still pretty inexperienced with digital/ concept art. I’m self studying 3D modeling (Maya) etc, to hopefully become a 3D game (environment) artist. So that’s why I want to become better at concept art as well.
    At the moment I’m mostly drawing on my ipad pro. The apps I use; Artset, Paper, Paintstorm, Tayasui Sketches. Will be getting a wacom cintiq in the near future.
    I like to draw trees, sculptural things, geology, characters.

    Strengths; drawing from observation, creative
    weaknesses; perspective, light, being unorganized..

    My goals; learn how to paint digitally, become better at perspective, learn a bit of architecture, design.

    Some of the things I made recently..

    Name:  11681CDE-3296-426C-AC3E-808D8CFA2740.jpg
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    Name:  52668EFE-C928-4D0C-8677-F9BB830206EE.jpg
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    Name:  1993A8CB-1C5D-4BBD-A2B8-8778804DB1DF.jpg
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    Name:  743D5B03-2B5B-4A54-B25F-10445405328C.jpg
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    Did some line art for the first time..
    Wip on the sketch. Thinking about painting it.

    Name:  019177BF-B379-4A0C-A62B-6A8E16BBE50E.jpg
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    Name:  3B561786-B6A7-40AF-9129-396474CCE7A1.jpg
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    Welcome to the realm of digital art, Aruena!
    I hope you will have fun on your journey.
    A few things to keep in mind while transitioning from drawing traditionally to painting digitally: try to learn how to move away from lines to shapes. It's easier to work with light if you can break it down into big shapes. If you go into colour it also helps to work on non-white backgrounds. Environment usually takes some kind of influence on your local colours. Lights rarely appears to be just white, and shadows usually don't just get grey. Images become much more juicy if you work with coloured lights and shadows. Looking into some of these fundamentals opens a lot of new ways.
    But first of all: keep going and don't forget to enjoy the journey

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