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    please critique this

    Here's a WIP pic of a fanart piece I'm working on. It's not completely finished, but it should be getting there - I just need to draw the logos properly, fix some of the rim lighting and polish some minor things (like the reflections on the glasses).
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    First of all, the main reason I'm posting this is because I've always been self-taught and I haven't done a huge amount of studies, and that leaves me worried that I'm lacking certain fundamental skills but simply can't see what's missing. So basically, if you can see any general issues with my art based on this one drawing, please let me know.

    Secondly, I would like some feedback on the forms and lighting, and maybe anatomy (well, the amount of anatomy that's visible). I'm pretty sure there are issues with the shadows but I couldn't really figure out what to fix exactly.

    Maybe also let me know if the colors are bad- it's not one of my strong suits.

    Of course any kind of critique is welcome, those are just the things that came to mind first.

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    Name:  lifeofboris small.jpg
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    A low-res version of the finished(?) thing - I would still like to get some critique on this. Thanks in advance if anyone takes the time to reply!

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    It's ok. Things like the line scribbles for clothing folds should have, at least, a swipe or two of darker color to indicate material depth.

    The faint line down the middle-ish of the face is throwing off the glasses and making them look off centered.

    I think the bottom left was cut off too high.

    I am not getting if the bags on the side of the head are part of a overly fluffy hat, hair, or something else.
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