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    Hello, I'd Like Some Art Critique

    Hello, I'm an aspiring artist and...I'm not where I want to be in my art. I'd like to get, at least on the level of my brother.

    His art looks like this this

    Name:  001_bulbasaur_by_booghetti_dd1g2xj-fullview.jpg
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    Name:  charmander.jpg
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    Yeah, a very big difference. I really want to get better, and it'd be nice if you guys could help with that.

    I also have some black and white art I did based on reference photos, the second one isn't finished but there's still a lot of easily seen problems that I'd like help with figuring out how to fix, or help not making those mistakes again.

    Name:  D0x0km2UYAEq-eB.jpg
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    Name:  D0x0sLjV4AAkB1z.jpg
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    Nice start, maybe your brother can give good pointers too. I think if you focus on simple black and white composition studies, it will have the biggest impact on your personal paintings. Then applying perspective and grid lines, even in natural environments. Then doing some cast or bargue studies to work on those edges. Keep it up!
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    The first step is to stop comparing yourself to your brother, and to find higher aspirations. That's not to say you shouldn't ask him for his help if he's willing to give it, just that you need to find your own way. What artists, popular, contemporary, etc, inspire you?

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    I agree, perhaps find someone better than your brother to aspire to.There are much much greater artists to have as goals.

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    Hey !
    The beginning of drawing/painting can be tiring because it's difficult to get things right. The best thing you can do now is reading about drawing, accuracy, form, ... and practising smartly (ex. for construction : boxes, ellipses and so on). You might also want to check this guy's site, he has pretty good advice and he's pretty good as well : (btw he has an Accuracy Guide that can help you measuring)

    Here's a repaint of the feet study (which made me realise that I should draw more feet and do many more studies anyway)

    Name:  redline booghetti.jpg
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    1) A quick block-in (which was quite inaccurate :/)
    2) Separation of light and shadows
    3) Areas of midtones with an opaque square brush + airbrushing (high size, 100% opacity, around 70% flow) on top for soft transitions

    Don't forget to squint to check the values and to zoom out to get the big shapes before "blending"

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