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    Advice on fantasy portrait.

    Hello ya'll, it has been a while since I was on here. I'd like to thank everyone on here first. I have been having fun lately redrawing some of the things I drew a year ago (I am sure you can tell which portrait that is XD) It was also around the same time some wonderful people here have been setting me on the correct path to begin improving, and I am happy to see that I have improved tremendously.
    I am back here with this redraw I did because I am ready to be ripped to pieces again! Any advice on anything would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Ya'll!
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    Big improvement :>! I think the newer one would look more appealing if the skin was smoothed out more because it still makes it look unfinished , but not like the old one and still maintaining a good amount of hard edges. A person who's very good with edges is Sinix Design on youtube and I think the painting like a sculptor video of his is on edges.

    The yellow highlight on the hair is wrong unless there's a yellow light shining, but the sun makes white light not yellow. With my very black straight hair irl, when I'm outside or sitting by a window the highlight of my hair is blue from the blue sky if the sunlight isn't too direct or white if it is direct. There would also still be some more highlights on the left side of the head where it's flowing, since the light seems like it is coming from above so the light is hitting that part of the hair too.

    Also, are the eyes glowing? They don't look like they are and I don't think there would be that much of a red reflection from his red eye to the hair that's in front of that eye and on both of the eye bags.

    The eye ball is looking pretty flat, when it should have some round form with it and the pupils of the eye are not in the center of the iris like in most animals.

    Don't be sloppy with the ears.

    Eye bags aren't gray and black, but they're more bluish/purplish or look up references for them for specific types.

    You might've done this purposely, but the new redrawn look androgynous and I think he should look like a guy since the one you did before looks like a guy.

    Last thing I see is that just above the hair there are some saturated blue pixels that could be cleaned up.
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    Another tutorial that could help you with the edges, lights and rendering are in ctrl+paint website or at the YouTube channel. Try to use a basic hard and soft edge brush and also a for the eraser, check those tutorials, it will help you a lot. Here is a link:

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