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    I need feedback on the below piece

    Hi, first post here.
    This piece took me a lot of time and efforts and I am aware that something is not right with the composition but I cannot identify alone what's the issue. I tried to apply the rule of thirds and to have something happening at each intersection. I used the mist to bind all the elements.
    I am worried I might have too much negative space, although the image should represent some kind of a Purgatory, an ethereal plane where everything is lost and where you won't really find anything else excepting lost souls. The character and the portal are only there for a short time.
    Any comment or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    PS: I am aware the artwork might seem a little too dark (on my workstation's monitor the brightness looks just fine)
    Thank you!
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    The character is too dark, in that most of their detail is obscured by use of black; ground and character are same color, why?
    Left leg looks uncomfortably twisted.
    Considering how bright the foggy environment lighting is, we should see more illumination of the character.
    The soft bright edging doesn't help, use a hard brush.
    You have a lot of unused canvas space.
    Your character isn't interacting with the portal, she's just expressionless, posed next to it so there's no clear narrative to the scene.
    While in thirds, character/portal share the same horizontal plain, so the scene is lacking perspective depth which can also create a narrative.
    Depending on which elements are in the fore/mid/background we'd be able to tell if she's walking from the portal, or approaching it, summoning it into existence, etc.

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    I agree with InfernoKing. I believe the first thing that you should immediately work on is values. Just grab an endless amount of black and white pictures. (or edit pictures to make em black n white) and sketch away. Improvement in values makes tremendous difference in your art whether it is colored or not. Good luck!

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    Thank you both!
    I am aware the drawing is too dark, I will re-export the file again. The black covers most of the elements
    Regarding values, this is something I indeed lack, maybe you could recommend some YT materials or courses on this topic?
    The story behind is that some character (not seen in the composition) came through the portal, and the Lady (who just had the innate ability to open any portals) came after him and leaves him there wandering, without the possibility to go back. She doesn't need the portal to go back but the portal was created with some kind of perspective. Perhaps I should work on that more.
    The contour of the lady is actually soft because of the fog that embraces her. I wanted to have the fog as a binding element for the background, character and portal. The expressionless face of the character is also intended (this was my own interpretation of Lady of Pain-a D&D character that was also called "Her Serenity", but with an evil touch).
    I will try to rework the ground values, perspective of the portal frame and the character's edges and and I will re-post it here.
    Thanks again, guys!

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