I'm currently doing a tutorial from Brainstorm school (the package without an instructor, sold on Gumroad) focused on concept design fundamentals.

Here's the point of week 1 exercise:

  • Analyzing a character/vehicle/architecture and focus on the small/medium/large shapes
  • Try to create some alternative designs from the same character/vehicle/architecture, using the rules of small/medium/large

Here are the sheets I've been doing the last month. I had some issues on the Megaman alternative designs, as perspective was involved and I was generally less inspired by this character. That's the worst of the list, in my opinion. I didnt' have time to make more of these, though. Anyway, the point of this exercise was more focused on design exploration.

I got another week of assignments in store, But i'll wait for you guys to give some crit on this one before going further. LMX Brainstorm School Assignments [Weeks 1&2] [PLZ critique!]

Here it is:

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