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    Unhappy Help on understanding a page from Andrew Loomis' Figure Drawing book.

    Hey y'all! It's a pleasure to be here. I'm creating this thread in order to see if I can get some help on understanding the procedure on page 88 from Andrew Loomis' Figure Drawing for All it's Worth book I've read and understand all the steps indicated on this page, EXCEPT STEP #3 AND #4. English is not my native language so I don't know if I'm misunderstanding the words or something else because I simply cannot get past these steps:

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    Where I am particularly and completely stuck is on the bit on step #3 that says: "Lay the width equally on each side of your middle point up and down". I already got the greatest width of the pose and I already compared it to the height, so far so good. But what I don't understand is to what Mr. Loomis is referring to: "Lay the width equally on each side of your middle point up and down"?? Which then he says that those two lines will cross this point. Basically what I'm asking is to where in the world I should position these lines cuz I just don't have a clue how or where to lay the width (which I already got) from this step. Hope somebody can help a frustrated artsy fellow out because I've been stuck on this page for days and I cannot find anything related to this on the internet. Mr. Loomis is an absolute boss and teacher but sometimes, some of his illustrative procedures can get very packed which can lead to confusion sometimes. Anyways, cheers and thank you for reading!

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    He means lay the width such that the height line divides the width in half.

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    I already get stuck on step one: draw a perpendicular through two points?
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    I think it's just using the width as a measurement unit , divide the total height into segments that are as long as the width's length

    Dorian Iten has a more understandable instruction imo :

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