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    Constructive feedbacks

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to learning Arts and I just made my first portrait. There are a lots of mistakes in this drawing, I believe. Here are my thoughts on what they are:
    • there are perspective problems: the eyes are not correct in terms of perspective alignment
    • the eyes might be too big
    • the nose is a tiny bit small or too pointy
    • the lips lack depth and perspective
    • the shadows on the left side are too strong
    • the highlight in the hair is too strong and gives the impression that there is a thin film on top of it
    • the bust is too thin compared with the head
    • the folds of the clothes on the shoulder is too pronounced

    I am sure there are plenty of other mistakes and I would love to hear them.
    Thanks in advance!
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    I think you already show talent as this looks good to be your first try at portraits.
    The problems you list show you know the problems so you noticing what is off a drawing is nice as noticing that something is not quite ok means you understand the topic.
    Overall it isn´t bad, maybe you should first practice a lot like just sketching a lot of faces they may look bad at first but is the better way to improve.
    The hatching is a little messy as it looks like is amateurish and as a mistake instead of doing it on purpose, try following the volume of the object as some shadows may the clothes look flat.
    Try drawing the strands of the hair as different objects instead of every single hair, try to group the and help the hair get volume by their combination.
    The eyes are more like symbols in your portrait, try to practice more faces and you should also copy some more cartoony eyes on cartoons and comics as they are simplyfied already and look up for patterns on how others have already solved the eyes.
    Don´t forget that simplifying shapes is a greatway to improve as no everything needs to be hyperrealistic to be great.
    Look up for simplified heads on shapes like an sculpture you will see how the features sit on a 3d face, study the forms of skulls to see how the eyes, nose and mouth work in proportions and from different angles.
    The shadows in the face are nice so you should care first for structure, practice and drawing. Practice a lot and you search on the internet for tutorials, Pinterest and youtube are nice for this. I suggest Proko and Sinix Design as youtube channels.
    Proko has great videos on basics and a series on caricatures that may help you with understanding features and shapes.
    This portrait is a great start, hope you find my post useful.

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    Don't try so hard to render every small detail. Work on getting your overall shape, perspective anatomy and values correct. I always like to work using 9 values when working in greyscale. That would be three highlights, three mid tones and three for shadows. Maybe build a simple pallet and try painting the shapes for the face and ignore trying to draw detail for now. It really helped me when I started out. Keep working though, because this is a good starting peice, you've paid good attention to highlights and darks and you've accurately considered face shape and position. The most important thing about this is you've been constructive of your own work, not negative and that's the first step to real improvement.

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