Hey you husteling Artist,

as you may have noticed, to gain a certain level of artistic (and business) skill you need a lot of workinghours. This is no big secret. Experience is the key.
I am searching for someone who got the same interest in hard work like me. (Interest in Art + Interest in Business + Interest in a lot of things)

To explain myself. I am a Freelance Gameartist - working in the game industry since about 5 years and teaching a lot of students in my region (NRW/Germany) about the fundamentals of art. I am always training my skills to become a better artist + try to gain a lot experience in the business part of beeing an artist, as well.

Some months ago I have started to document my working hours togehter with a game-animator collegue. This was such a motviation push for a few month. We pushed each other by comparing who worked more hours a week- so we worked hard without seeing it as annoying work instead we tryied to made the best out of us. (With Saturday and Sunday as forbidden to work)
This went well, but now my fellow friend more and more lay back and enjoy his free time. I have nothing against this, but I want to push myself even further. That is why I am writing here. I am looking for some artists who are open for working simultaiously in the morning, midday and/or evening. This was a very motivationg part of our challenge, that we talked the whole day (On Discord) while working. This is a very great way to stay motivated as a homeoffice freelance artist.

At the end you dont even have to be an artist, just willing to share work experience and motivational ideas. You could be a coder, or whatever.
I am very open minded so even if you dont push it to the limit all the time it would be great anyways to find someone new, who is interested in just working out his skills and talking about art fundamentals.

This idea should be seen as something ispirational, motivational and a possibility to grow as an artist (and individual).
Please dont write me, if you are looking for some easy way to get better at art by just showing up once or twice a week.

Guys. I hope my english was not too bad and you could understand what I wanted to say.
I would be very glad to find at least someone to exchange some ideas and experiences.

My Discord is Frece#6766
and heres my Gallery: https://www.artstation.com/frece
See you soon