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    Graphite Pencils Help

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a pack of 6 Staedtler Mars Lumograph graphite pencils (2H,HB,B,2B,4B,6B). I have a problem with soft pencils, starting from around 5B, the pencil tips start to break really fast, if sharpened well (not exaggerately pointy). I also saw that leads from 5B and so on are thicker than harder values. I bought pencils from my art store multiple times and the same problem appears. Did any of you have this problem with Lumograph pencils?
    I started considering to get some Faber Castell 9000.
    Any advice? I really love how dark staedtler values are, compared to the faber castell ones.

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    It helps to use a motorised sharpener, doing it by hand tends to place too much stress on the lead, causing spiral fractures...
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    i almost exclusively use faber castell tk 9400 for about 20 years now. the small 2mm one with 2b-3b and the 3,15mm one with 6b mines. (and a polychromos black if something needs to be really dark. i love those most because how well they feel to draw with, but they erase not as well as graphite.)

    i stopped using wooden pencils (well except the polychromos ofc), because you never know where the lead broke, if dropped once, it makes a tiny mess to sharpen and in the end its more expensive than only buying leads. if you drop one of those tk9400s (or similar ofc), you can still use the tinier pieces of lead.

    and i use one of those to sharpen, the one i got i inherited from my grandpa (and as long as the casing doesnt break it will probably still sharpen leads for my grandkids.) they also sharpen to a very fine point.

    in artschool i had to, but i never liked working with hard leads, for their tendency to scratch the paper. thats why i only use 2b and softer leads. just apply less pressure if the line needs to be finer, which is a good idea in general... and dont apply too much pressure at any time at all, not only do your tips break but you also kind of engrave the paper. no amount of erasing will make that go away.
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