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    Three Pieces of Work Involving Sonic...

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    I know the number two in the last one doesn't really look like a number two... it's sad... I'm using these in my Instagram page as a portfolio... Any advices? I'll dish out even the most offensive soul-crushing kind of criticism, LOL.

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    Certainly an interesting style. A few things though - the lack of consistent lighting in each picture. Shadows don't seem to be placed coherently.. some in the front.. some below.. some on top..

    Sonic's nose looks like a free floating eyebrow or something. You may want to thicken up those lines connecting it.

    Tails, bottom one, - I have no idea what's up with that face and snout.

    The middle one suffers from not sticking in the lines.. and honestly I don't get the ground sonic is standing on and how it is blowing up.

    All three could deal with sharper, more defined, backgrounds too.
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    Your understanding of color vastly overshadows your linework.

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    To be honest, I'm looking at Sonic and Tails here, and thinking...

    Three Pieces of Work Involving Sonic...

    Very gaunt, even skeletal and spiky.

    But I don't hate the style. It also reminds me a wee bit of Mike McMahon's art:

    Not wanting to tear you away from your style, but I wonder if a bit more construction is in order.

    Also, agreed with Modi: I have no idea what's going on in the backgrounds, where they're set, what the perspective is, etc.
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