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    Need help getting finished pieces to look less amateurish

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    Was trying to go for a moody and anxious feel with this piece, but a lot of the purples clashed in the end and didnít convey the mood as well as I hoped - would the piece have worked out better if I neautralised the purples?

    Also, any tips on how to lay down the watercolours smoother? I tried layering to add texture but the techniques ended up coming off amateurish and I think it may be because the colour pooled in some spots and I was unable to layer cleanly

    I think part of the issue may also be the overall composition, I thought that the stark contrast in colour between the character and background helped create a composition in which the character is the focus, but I think impact may have been lost because the values are too close in range and everything is around the same level of vibrancy

    Long story short, I donít think Iíve managed to get my ideas across well and Iím a bit lost as to what I could do to improve the overall quality of my paintings in the future

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    The 2 tall foreground shadows create this center frame around the characters and the immediate surroundings. If you cropped that, that small area actually kind of works.
    Everything else though is visual noise, all the textures are competing for attention with the intended subject. And yeah, the values are too similar.
    I don't have good working knowledge with watercolors, so I can't comment on smoothing advice other than just doing a load of separate practice runs just to get the hang of the medium.

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