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    Please give me a Hard Critique

    24x30 acrylic on canvas
    Please be as hard as possible. Looking to get better  IMG_5899.jpg
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    Funky perspective distortion on depth of windows, its vanishing point should be the same as the top of the back seats line: somewhere far on the left (out)side of the painting.
    Chairs are the same depth as tables and bent part of seat, so am I looking at floating table tops? Other then that colors/ light are nice and overall shapes as well!
    1 quick fix: make lower edge of orange window horizontal. I just refreshed my perspective basics for someone else here.
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    I am not good with perspective or light so I won't comment on those but what bothers me are the textures. They do not make sense. The back of the bench is really nicely done in the lighted area and gives me faux leather type of vibe. But before I noticed that lighted area I was really confused. In the dark areas you have totally lost that smooth blending and it looks more like wood or something. I actually tought it was wood paneling. And if it was leather it would be really dirty right now. It actually could be a cleaning advertisement. You have soo smooth and nice blending in that lighted area but you have totally lost it in the dark so everything else looks kind of dirty
    Same goes with the walls. You have this nice and comfy restaurant setting and the walls look like concrete. I do not know any that type of restaurant that has bare concrete walls. I do not think your goal was concrete but the texture tells me it is concrete. If you were going for it, good job. But in my opinnion concrete wouldn't make any sense in this setting.
    Just noticed those lights or something on the wall. They look like they don't belong at all. Feels like at the end you realized how empty that wall looked like and made few lamps in a hurry. There comes again the texture thing. I actually tought at first that those were flames. The blending is so unsmooth. That yellow/orange light would blend in with tye grey and not make so straight and clear line where the light ends. Also I feel like the one on the right is bigger than the left one.
    I do not know if that black block in the end of the bench on the left is pole or it there is a corner so the walls aren't in line. If it is a pole I would define it a bit more because there definitely would be enough light to define the shape more. If it is a corner you would need to make that smaller window less wide. Because otherwise the edge of the window would be about 1 mm thick and that is not right.

    There is a lot of good and that is a really good base to continue on. Keep up the good work!

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    I disagree with a lot of what Walsa says about 'texture' I think you've conveyed materials quite well for a traditionally painted looking piece, I do agree you have not done bounced light correctly from the wall lights, it does look like fire. But the lit part of the leather looks fine in the light, the walls look like painted white indoor walls, you've even managed dappled light along them quite well. They don't look like concrete. The painting as a whole is definitely a little off perspective wise, everything is slanted the left and it slowly balances out towards the right of the painting. The tables sort of slot together at a weird angle as well as if they've all been cut at different lengths. The only other thing I can really say is the overuse of black in the bottom half, a slightly colder or warmer colour mixed in would have helped balance it a bit more, apart from those things this is a really good observational painting well done.

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