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Was tired of having to find my way between identical yellow folders, and forgetting what I was doing in the process, so I made some icons to differentiate them. They come in two shapes: diamonds and spheres, and on different colors in 30 degree increments on the hue wheel, plus black and white. There are 364 variations in total. They are simple, but work to purpose for me, separating thematic folders by the color of the frame, such as green for pictures of natural environments, orange for humans, etc. Ideal would be actual figures, but time is a scarce resource.

They have been saved in PNG, SVG, PSD and ICO (the format that Windows actually uses). To change a folder's icon, right click it, go to properties>customize>change icon... and then browse the ICO file. Files may be presented at sizes ranging from small to extra large. You may do whatever you want with these, no credit required.

MEGA LINK:!y7oCUagY!uXVJy0IR8...mNWMoOst2XKp54