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    Illustration Portfolio for Animation Advice

    Hello, I want to be a concept artist for animation. I've only ever worked as a graphic designer, so I'd like a little help for creating a strong illustration portfolio. What do you think I need more of, less of, and your over-all impressions of my work.

    Thanks a lot!

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    It's quite colorful, that's for sure. Not sure what I said on discord previously. In any case, things you need more of:
    - The more variety you cover, the more it represents your versatility and therefore, establishes some safety in the mind of a possible customer, that you are indeed capable of covering his or her plans and ideas (as long as it's art related of course). Still though, it pays off to present the stuff you enjoy and are best at for the most, this makes you stand out from other artists as well as increasing chances of working on things you want to work on.
    - That said, I'd cover maybe more humanoid looking creatures, or human character designs in general.
    - Consider the age of your target audience, and possible taboos. Not saying that you should change your unused concepts, but some clients might be worried that you can't distinguish between those very fine lines of do's and dont's.

    Regarding the creation of a portfolio, if you are planning to make a webpage that is:
    - Make some sections, or seperate drawings into sections that make sense to a customer. Stuff like "Character Concept for Kids", "Character Artworks", "Traditional", or just "Characters" and "Paintings" if you don't think you can fill more than 2 sections. I myself don't use sections at all.
    - Possibly keep the page in neutral colors, to have pictures stand out.
    - What else? Maybe hard to do with so much color, but maybe try sorting content based on color schemes.

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