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    Name:  Wolfbeast_sm.jpg
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    Any critics are welcome

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    Really cool. Good textures and detail, I love the steam and how it blurs up the detail to convey atmosphere and depth. The back ground looks perfect.

    The composition and lighting on the characters is a bit confusing. Red wolf looks amazing, but he contrasts with the rest of the painting so strongly, it might be too jarring. The blue in the fur helps to integrate him, but It looks like more is needed. Perhaps using a blue fill light? or strengthen the coolness on the shadows of the red cloak?

    The two wolves on the right both look nice and painterly on the left, but the are throwing off my sense of depth. Red wolf is closest to viewer so he is bright with warm colors, blue wolf is next closest, and he is all cool colors, this is good. But then we get to white shirt wolf, and he is further than the other two, but somehow brighter. I can see how white is in the light and blue is not, but its pulling my eye around. I would put warm edge lighting on the left side of blue wolf, then darken the shadows on white wolf, try to merge him into the train a bit.

    I didn't even notice the wolf with the gun in the background at first. His pose and placement at the center makes it feel like he should be the focus, but I feel the emphasis is not conveying properly. A quick fix would be to strengthen the lighting on him, perhaps spectral highlight on the gun. The blue of his jacket is so close to the train, he disappears a bit maybe changing his hue just a bit will make him pop. If his pocket square were red it would create a stronger link between him and the red wolf.

    I think ideally the shooter would have been in the left 3rd of the painting, and red wolf on the right 3rd with plenty of space between to place the other two characters. In the current composition eye moves from red to white to train, then shooter, with the two dynamic characters on the 3rds and implied line travel through each, with a nice perpendicular path to the train.

    Hope this is useful, I really can't get over the fur detail and the train presence. Really good stuff.

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    Nice job on the fur textures.

    There's a perspective scale issue with the gun-toting white dog near the train.
    If they're aiming at the foreground wolf character then you need to redo the arm, use a mirror to visualize how the arm of someone standing further back would pointing towards someone closer to the viewer. As is they don't look like someone standing further away, rather like a comically small figure balanced on the back of wolf's hands trying to be menacing.
    Where is the cloaked wolf character looking?
    The shadowed dog person to the left has similar hue and values as the train, the edge of their forms get lost.
    Compared to other elements in the composition the detail and contrast on the train is competing for attention, if that is unintentional consider lightening it or reduce some of the sharper plating details.

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