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    Full critique required on piece

    Name:  luuuuuuu.png
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    Major issue off the bat is the lighting. Where is it coming from? Why is it a super bright, super concise, spot-lite on the fake boobs? (Well outside of the obvious of "Look, I drew some bewbz!".)

    The changing skin color doesn't make sense.

    The handcuffs look bad, and are not correctly mirrored on both sides.

    I can't tell if the right hand is resting on the boob or not. No depth there.

    There's the missing bottom half of the feet.. you know.. the kneecap to toes portion.

    That left arm looks wonky at the elbow and overlay of the upper arm.

    That left arm also blends values into the hair and makes it hard to see.

    The horns are not symmetrically placed.

    I don't get the way pronounced giant divot for a neck.

    The waist.. is that weirdly folded skin or clothing? The part above the underwear, but south of the giant flat area below the boobs.
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    The heart shaped areola are a nice touch though. I don't believe I've ever seen anyone do that before.

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    I have nothing against painting boobies but this seems to replicate the results of cosmetic surgery rather than fantasy large boobs. Specifically the widely separated, tight round shape is cause by putting implants in small boobs. Naturally large boobs meet in more of a cleavage rather than having a flat area between them.

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    You should really have the fundamentals down before you attempt something like this, otherwise it doesn't really come off as a tasteful, lots of perspective and proportional errors, the tail doesn't line up as it passes behind the arm, the hands are tiny etc etc. I also agree that the boobs look modelled off extremely botched plastic surgery.

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    Nice rendering for her skin, makes her eyes pop. Most of my comments are on the anatomy and form.

    First, the drawing looks very flat. Use shadows to show depth, and practice anatomy. Breasts don't stand apart like that, unless they're being held up. They'd sag down like water balloons and have the nipples point away from each other. I have some anatomy pins that might help

    Your clavicle and neck lines are rendered to show light, but its very confusing where the light source seems to be coming from. Maybe try establishing that and then shading appropriately. You can try doing form studies, drawing shapes and then using light to suggest depth. Here are two nice tutorials for that! [1] [2]

    Cheers, keep on drawing and improving! If you'd like to talk about your art, feel free to pm. I draw nsfw stuff as well, pretty similar to your stuff

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